Working with Monique inspires an uplifting and growthful perspective that clarifies life at the deepest levels and inspires to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a life well-lived. 

                                                                                                     T.S., Realtor

A reading with Monique is a true gift! Her reading is lucid and profound, drawing on her extraordinary awareness of the many levels and layers of meaning that reside in the chart, she integrates and matches her knowledge with the needs and wishes of her clients.

                                                                                          C. G., Psychotherapist

Talking with Monique is, simply put, illuminating. Over the past five years, she has been like a tribal elder or spiritual guide through the twists & knots of my journey.        

                                                                                              J. B., Editor

I came to Monique during one of the most challenging periods of my life, when I thought my relationships, career and goals would never fall into place. Very gently and respectfully, she led me to a deeper awareness and understanding of my past and present circumstances, and also helped me to see how my challenges fit into the bigger story of my life.  She also invited me to explore my own psyche, both through dialogue and energetic processes, which allowed me to inhabit the deeper layers of my inner self.  Not only have I healed many wounds and seen my life and circumstances with more clarity, I now have the tools to continue to do the work on my own.  My awareness and comfort with self and life is profound. Working with Monique changed my life and I have recommended her practice to both friends and family.

                                                                               L.W., Writer, Social program director

Monique’s presence and counseling approach allows and inspires me to explore layer after layer of my consciousness. I am always discovering vast quantities of intra-psychic material. This is good therapy! 

                                                                                              B.L., therapist

Monique’s work is quite profound. She connects the issues I am struggling with to universal archetypes of the soul’s journey. This brings compassion for my foibles, and helps me understand and effectively respond to the challenges and lessons life brings. 

                                                                                   D.L., Professor of religion

Being somewhat of a skeptic, I met Monique at a psychic function and at a very minimal reading she conveyed a knowledge and understanding about myself that only I know.  She was so very uncannily perceptive I sought her out years later when I was experiencing tough times in my life.  Monique has helped me navigate turbulent waters with an astrological and psychological perspective in a way that enabled me to meet problems head-on and deal with them in a intelligent and calm manner.  Monique has been invaluable to me with her insight, understanding and suggestions.

                                                                                      J.K., Business manager

As one long familiar with the world of therapy, Monique’s work stands out as unique and inspiring. Since she is deeply grounded in the wisdom traditions, Jungian psychology, astrology, dream work, and the esoteric sciences, she is able to help her clients find a sense of wholeness about their lives – truly an alchemical gift. She is highly skilled at accompanying her clients wherever they are and provides new and uplifting perspectives for dealing with life’s challenges.  Given all these gifts, as well as her capacity for deep listening, I always find our sessions revelatory and inspiring.

                                                                       O. A. H.,  Author, teacher, psychotherapist

The first time Monique gave me an astrological reading, her interpretation of forces in my chart resonated astonishingly with what I had only dimly sensed about my life’s work and purpose, relationships and challenges. Over the past 25 years, I have felt deeply guided in my journey by her rich, dynamically instructive and empathic readings. She has internalized a profound knowledge of not only astrology but of the human story. Her use of image and metaphor to articulate thought is uniquely “poetic,” and brings an exciting dimension to the session of journeying to insight through language.

                                                                         B.B., Playwright, poet, teacher

Monique brings a tremendous range of skills to her work. She has a profound knowledge of eastern and western spiritual traditions, of dreamwork, archetype and myth. She listens with acumen and empathy. Her observations are astute and supportive. She is humorous and deeply kind. I continue to learn and benefit from my consultations and, whether you’re a committed esotericist or simply someone seeking to deepen your self-knowledge, I highly recommend her.

                                                                   L.L., Writer, theater director, educator

Thank you for such an exquisite, profound and insightful consultation!

J.D., Author