A relationship analysis offers insights into the unique landscape of gifts and challenges, creative flows and tensions conjured up by the coming together of two people. Most significantly, it illumines the work of integrative interplay at stake in any relationship, the ways in which each individuality furthers the growth of the other and serves as an agent of becoming.

By clarifying the source of challenging dynamics and allowing a better understanding of differences, a chart comparison contributes to enhance constructive partnership with an other’s modes of operating. Getting a glimpse of the archetype at work within this or that feature in a partner helps to understand its core intent and adjust one’s relation to its expression.

The analysis includes a study of the charts’ synastry (the grid of aspects between the two), the composite chart (the virtual chart made of the midpoints between planetary placements on each chart) and the current transits affecting the relationship. It is most beneficial in the context of each partner’s awareness of their natal dispositions and for this reason is preferably preceded by a natal chart consultation for each.

        Fee: $400

Alchemical King and Queen

King and Queen around the athanor of the relationship

The image captures the archetypal situation of partnership central to human life. The partners sit across the transformational cauldron of relationship. Not unlike a future child hovering above the parents, spirit hovers above significant human pairs.

If conception is the “natural,” biological version of the life-creating union of polarities, the bird suggests the higher consciousness generated-invited by the psychospiritual intercourse of the two. The self-transcending of each which deep relating conjures up gives “body” to the life of the world soul.

An interplay of heaven and earth, spirit and body, is engaged by their dynamic complementarity. Heaven is grounded and earth in-spirited through the circulation of energy between the scepter of the king and the leg of the queen—fostering the formation of a heart-like organ.

The attraction of opposites is the natural expression of the universal drive to wholeness. The magic of the partner is the magic of the “other” and the promise of fullness of Being secreted by his/her “otherness.”

Astrologically, the composite chart is mapped by the mid-points of each partner’s planets, and reveals the unique features of the third entity conjured up in the midst of the two: the “relationship.”