Transits update


Once or twice a year, an exploratory update of astrological cycles and motions helps to gain insights into current experiences and perspectives on upcoming developments. Transits and progressions suggest the dominant themes of a period, shed light on the processes of growth underlying life events, challenges and possibilities, alert to timely opportunities and provide guidelines on how to best navigate and collaborate with the current phase of one’s journey.

Insight into what a situation means and requires from a growth oriented perspective has the power to reframe one’s perspective and reorient one’s response from resistance and confusion to educated collaboration with the mysterious tides of evolution and their benevolent source, the core Self that transcends our conscious desires and best intentions.

Current cycles speak to the kind of time it is for the soul: what dimensions of experience and lines of development are being emphasized? what does the inner program look like? What kind of alchemical operation is the psyche engaged in? What new capacities are seeking to emerge?

    Fee: $ 275 (2-hour session)


The apprentice (anyone involved in the work of conscious growth) consults the soul of nature, seated in the arms of the elemental world and crowned with the planets (in the image of the sun amidst the planetary orbs)

He consults her wisdom in the Art of weaving the four elements (water and earth, air and fire are the words inscribed on the arborescent structure) into their fifth essence (or quintessence): the flower — the actualization in nature of the sun (soul) of the physical world.

While nature displays her successful weaving of elements through the cycle of the yearly sun, astrology delineates their harmonization into the inner flower of the soul—through balance of instincts and reason, feelings and action (earth and air, water and fire).

The image speaks to the alchemist’s inquiry into soul making. His questions emanate from his readiness for the labor of inner growth (tools in his lab on the right). He inquires about the season of his being, the status of his inner “composition,” the current “operations” and upcoming labors that Nature (the cosmic wheel) is eliciting from his nature. He inquires about the best ways to operate.