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Harmony, The Heartbeat of Creation:

The Convergence of ancient wisdom and quantum physics in the triune pulse of nature’s forms

A number of phenomena hint at a fundamental unity of the universe—from the prevalence of the golden mean and Fibonacci series in the geometries of nature, to the recurrence of numbers and themes across world cosmogonies, to age old therapeutic practices that transcend the duality of psyche and physicality. However inspiring in its own right, each set of phenomena remains but an isolated inkling of the unified cosmology our spiritual and scientific intuition continues to anticipate. 

 The adventure of the present book opens fresh paths to an ancient and upcoming viewpoint from which such partial hints at unity are swept to a hub of joint emergence, which lights up the harmonic matrix of the world and, with it, the non-dual ground of cosmos and consciousness.

 Harmony, the heartbeat of creation is a journey to the formative mysteries of the universe. Setting out to unravel the enigmatic recurrence of number twelve and seven in the organization of time, space and consciousness, the book takes the reader to their harmonic underpinnings, which reveal the triune pulse of the golden proportion at the core of all formations of nature and cosmos.

 Guided by this signature-design and its spiraling dynamic, the next phase of the journey straddles the worldviews of ancient wisdom and quantum mechanics, paving the way for a unified understanding of how particles, organic units and cosmic systems shape themselves out of one universal gesture.

 The inner side of this harmonic cosmology is an integrative psychology which redefines healing and growth as a process of harmonization between subjective and objective world—in resonance with astrology and alchemy.

 In the end, we discover how the foundations of musical harmony are as universal as the geometries of nature they generate. The coherence of the harmonic picture laid out by Pythagoras and Plato, and intimated anew by the latest inklings of science, suggests that the secrets of cosmology are the secrets of harmony. The world is a vibrant symphony, and cosmology is musicology. What pantheons worldwide celebrate and worship as “gods” are the formative, toning powers of the world being.  

Mithras           The Twelvefold Archetype of the Human  Soul

Insights into the cosmic ground of philosophical Imagination

The human soul is described in the esoteric tradition as a twelve-petalled lotus. This book introduces the zodiac as the twelvefold prototype of the soul, and the signs as twelve types of soul consciousness and human experience.

The mirroring of zodiac and soul opens a field of reciprocal illumination between astrological archetypes and philosophical world views. This mutual revelation is what the author pursues in the spiritual imagination and life experience of three thinkers: the philosopher Heidegger, the mystical scientist Teilhard de Chardin and the military and political leader Eisenhower. Emerging from their lifeworks, conceptual constellations flesh out a zodiacal signature dominant in their natal sky, offering unique insights into the soul of the sign and the inner sky of the human mind.

The experience of the World Wars, vital for the three thinkers, precipitates the archetypal exploration on the historical stage and reveals the remarkable relevance of the theme of soul to our times, as it unveils the inner side of the world events of the last hundred years: the birth of a planetary self.

Drawing upon Western and Eastern sources of wisdom, mythology and alchemy, this book brings forth a comprehensive grasp of the nature and evolution of the human soul, from its birth on the earth to its achieved fullness in the great representatives of humankind.

  Exaltation of the Planets       EXALTATIONS OF THE PLANETS

Initially published in the Journal for Esoteric Psychology, these seven meditative studies on the planets draw from esoteric sciences and mythological wisdom to reach deeper into the planetary archetypes through the lens of their traditional exaltations.