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alchemical rose. Painting by John EberlySymbolized by the rose in the Western esoteric Tradition,  by the lotus in the Eastern Tradition, the fully developed soul or higher self is the eventual fruit of what Jung called the individuation process.

Healing and growth come from the center. Psychospiritual counseling from an “esoteric” perspective is centered on engaging the heart of consciousness, the soul, as the vital source of healing and self-unfoldment. The term soul designates here the “scientific,” albeit subtle, body of selfhood which develops out of the wisdom, love and strength extracted from daily experience. Full blossoming of this central formation or “flower” of selfhood is the work of what Jung refers to as the path of individuation.

The focus of a “soul psychology” is the process of evolutionary growth underlying any human experience. Engaging the forces of renewal hidden in existential issues facilitates the transformation and emergence at stake in all forms of malaise and crisis — as well as in numinous experiences, both being potential doors to vaster grounds of identity.

 “If we could see through all our projections down to the last traces, our personality would be extended to cosmic dimensions.”    Marie Louise von Franz

 The approach I offer combines Jungian and esoteric psychology. Practical and philosophical, experiential and analytical, imaginative and alchemical, it blends archetypal exploration and intrapsychic energy work to induce a precise “yoga” of psycho-physiological harmonization which quickens integration and allow “self” to actualize more fully.

Focused on healing and individuation, this work acts as a subtle education in self-guidance. It develops an art of partnership with life in which one learns to trust the vibrant point of Self at the heart of alienating or challenging circumstances. While building new psycho spiritual foundations, it sharpens, defines and refines mind, heart and will in ways that equip the consciousness to envision more clearly, grasp more holistically and respond to life circumstances in ways that serve Self-emergence—in oneself, hence in one’s environment.

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.  Goethe, Faust

More about the framework:

 Astrology – I look at your chart before every session, as a way to attune myself to current developments in your life. I may not refer to it, however, except at your request or if it seems helpful to bring up and explore the archetypal perspective offered by a natal or current configuration. While astrology does provide precious keys and integrative perspectives, the character of these sessions is not informative, but experiential and exploratory. They take their clues from life developments, inner quests and the imaginative life of feelings and dreams.

 Alchemical Psychology – The alchemical model and methods, richly studied and interpreted by Jung, illumine and guide the archetypal processes of psychological transformation. The following emblematic pictures present a succinct illustration of the overall process:

From chaos (left) to cosmos (right),

alchemical chaosblue uroboros From the square/cross of conflictual  energies pulling apart the consciousness (left)      to the integrative “circulatio” of a next flowering of self (right)

 …by way of engaging and holding the tension of opposites (conscious and unconscious, ego and shadow, later on soul and spirit), under the sun of consciousness.  

                                                                                                                                                                                  Esoteric Psychology brings to psychology the cosmological understanding of the human constitution and evolution found in the great Wisdom Traditions, specifically here the works of Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner. Following are some key notions that their spiritual science offers to psychospiritual awareness and growth work:

The notion of seven levels of being. The discernment of different levels of consciousness, needs and intentions at work within one’s “self” helps to clarify internal dynamics and discover a path of growth through the confused field of raw experience. Easily identifiable as the kingdoms of nature within us, their “logics” are physio-logical, psycho-logical and ontological:

  •                 physical (mineral),
  •                 energetic-physiological (vegetal),
  •                 emotional (animal),
  •                 mental (human personality),
  •                 soul or Ego (higher self),
  •                 spiritual (Self/Monad)

Correspondences between these levels of being and the major chakras of the energy body (etheric body) offer yet another avenue to gain perspective and transformative hold on issues.

The notions of soul, soul evolution and initiatory thresholds of development open the way to a deeper understanding and regard for critical passages of life.

Individuation, which refers to the formation of the Egoic (or soul) body, is not the work of one lifetime, though it may for some come to completion in this life. Development is a highly individual journey with its unique itinerary. While the template of the soul is generic and its unfolding involves evolutionary thresholds common to all, the journey is not sequential or linear. While someone’s growth may call for a spiritualizing of consciousness, someone else may need to focus on ego formation or strengthening of persona after significant gains in soul growth. Others may be working on soul-spirit integration.

The notion of Rays: The rays designate seven types of energy underlying manifestation—including each of our vehicles of expression (physical-etheric, emotional, mental, personality, soul, monad). Each vehicle is informed by its own ray. As such, the rays offer the basis for a typology of one’s being (personal and transpersonal) as a rich composition of instruments of experience and expression. Gaining insights into one’s major lines of “identity” (personality and soul), how their “rays” collaborate and challenge each other, can be revelatory and liberating, contributing to a better understanding of self and orientation to life.

The notion of Rays is an ancient one. Present in one form or another at the root of all the great Traditions, they point to a fundamental structure of our universe apparent in the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven chakras of the human being, the seven planets of the solar system (reflected in the seven days of the week) etc.

Ray assessment is a fluid, delicate process, one that must remain open to rectifications and reassessments. It involves dialogue and intuitive perception, and is informed as well by the astrological picture, through definite affinities and correspondences between rays, signs and planets. Following is a list of the keynotes associated with each ray, and their correspondences with signs and planets:

Table of signs/rays correspondences

Sessions are generally two hours long. Frequency varies from weekly to monthly.                It is not indispensable to start with an astrological consultation.                                          Counseling may be in person, on the phone or via zoom.                                                                                                                            English and French.

If you need to change or cancel an appointment for any reason, 24-hour advance notice is requested.  If an appointment is cancelled or missed without notice, please know you will be responsible for the corresponding fee.

Fee: $165/90′ — $200/ 2 hours

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